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Large undisturbed natural ground - forest and heath

Småfolksvej 40, Kongsmark
6792 Rømø  -  60m² - 6 (+1) Persons
  Close to the beach and nature reserves

Lakolk 221
6792 Rømø  -  60m² - 6 (+2) Persons

Rømø, Wadden Sea and nature reserve

The archipelago between Als and Fyn
  Terrace all around
- always a sunny and shady spot
Only 70 m from the Beach

Fiskervej 35N, Mommark
6470 Sydals  -  60m² - 4 (+2) Persons

We are very pleased that you are interested in our holiday homes.
In November 2020 we bought the two holiday homes and released them for rent.
In February 2021, we became a 3rd Holiday Home.
Lots of renovations have been made and more are on the way so you can really rest and relax.

Take a look at the holiday homes and Contact us if you would like
a non-binding offer or if you have any questions.

See our Calendar.

Cozy and Relaxing.

     Best greetings
     Hanne und Kurt


HOLIDAY HOME AREAS - West Coast or East Coast?

Where would you like to take your next fantastic vacation?
In our Beautiful Holiday Homes on the two coasts of southern Denmark you have the opportunity.

Heath, dunes and Beach
The Sunset on the Beach
Fyn's Archipelago. Hiking and Swimming.
The Sunrise on the Beach

Rømø - Denmark's "Canary Island"
"Sort Sol" - "Black Sun" in the fall

Kite festival in Rømø

Golf all year round

The dunes of Rømø

The white sandy beach - ideal for swimming

The Rømø beach, always worth a visit

Sunrise over the Fynen Archipelago
Fantastic terraces around the house
Looking North - The Fish Coast

Looking South - The Fish Coast

Mommark - Fynshav (ferry to Fynen)

Beautiful bathing and fishing opportunities


Time To Relax  -  Ask for Price and Available

West Coast/North Sea. Large, undisturbed natural site - with forest and heath.
6 people (+1) and 1 Pet. 3 bedrooms. 67 m².
West Coast/North Sea. Close to the beach and nature reserves
6 people (+2) and 2 Pets. 3 bedrooms. 70 m².
East coast, the archipelago of Funen. Terrace all around - always a sunny and shady spot.
4 people (+1) and 1 Pet. 2 bedrooms and 1 cornice. 47 m².
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 Hanne & Kurt Jürgensen    Mølleparken 81    DK-6240 Løgumkloster    sunfrijob.net
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